About Us
Company Profile
WuHan ArkCloud Construction technology co., ltd. was established in September 2016, headquartered in wuhan, hubei province.With the mission of "Making smart houses for everyone who needs".

The company is committed to promoting technological innovation, resource integration and industrial progress in the field of prefabricated integrated housing.Based on the company's rich experience in modular building design, building information and inorganic environmental protection building materials, the company independently developed ARKCLOUD housing construction system.
Company Service
Providing customers with the whole process of modular housing solutions from planning, design, marketing display, to manufacturing, installation and after-sales.

Products involved in low-rise residential, home stay, shops and other integrated buildings and building components, customers cover the United States, South Africa, Australia, South America and other countries or regions.
Production Base
The company's manufacturing base is located in linyi city— Chinese trade logistics, shandong province.The base covering an area of about 13.3
hectares and is responsible for building parts production and assembly.
Design Consultancy
Standardized Building
Residential space, space, commercial space, home
stay mobile clinics
Building Structural
A - SIP wallboard, the structure of the A - M board,
A - M decorating plate, A - M roof tile
Design Consultation
Product research and development and the
deepening of the campus planning, architectural
design/structure, BIM consulting
Technical Background
Can cloud o Arkcloud building system is independent research and development team, the system with high performance inorganic fire material MGO style sheet as the
backing material, combined with the advantage of the SIP plate structure system advantages, application of BIM technology to realize the system from the modular design,
production, to the fabricated transportation, installation and after-sale integration
Class A fire prevention, water resistance, does not
contain formaldehyde, inorganic environment
Light weight, high strength, heat preservation and
heat insulation, installation is convenient
Visualization, digital, more professional,
modular together
Corporate Culture
We are committed to creating a better future with the power of the capital, let wisdom and
professional to create value in return, helped push the progress of the society